I know you’re all sick of me posting drag race shit but no one’s brought this up and fuck it I wanna talk.

I believe it is in this interview that, regarding his DQ, Willam slips in something like, “it helped the other girls get what they want…”

I’m not too invested anymore but I’m thinking the reason for his DQ could have been, among others:

a) drugs. Sharon Needles said something about her, Chad and Latrice smoking blunts. Willam’s known to enjoy some weed here and there. wonder where they got it?

b) having an outside source sneak in supplies for him and/or the other girls.

I think Willam knew exactly what he was doing. That’s one smart bitch. She knows notoriety will get you far, and it’s clearly working. She was upfront with the producers as well, so it could have been pre-calculated? Well, all better be revealed at the reunion, that’s all. And someone please put together a “best of Willam” video or something because I need humor in my life. Thank you.

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